Monday, March 24, 2014

Love Express

Here's a stylish looking short film that I heard about on Facebook from New York filmmaker Patrick Chen.
Patrick recently sent this note about his film:
Love Express is an 18-minute short film that takes place in Queens, New York.  It has been an origin of my upbringings.  It holds a unique working class community of diversity (predominantly Hispanics and Asians). This is the setting for our protagonist, an Asian male who comes across a mysterious woman on the quintessential Queens’ 7 train. Seeing she is troubled, he takes it upon himself to console her as he witnesses her sadness unfolds.
This brief encounter leads him on an emotional journey, which sparks the question…could you ever fall in love with a stranger on a train?
I wrote the story back in 2010.  I wanted to focus on young Chinese-Americans and their lifestyle, similar to The Breakfast Club. It was important for me to capture the true persona of Asian Americans, a persona which haven’t been in its true form on film yet.  My friends and colleagues were fascinated by the script’s concept, how it took place in a subway and was entirely narrated through voiceover.  They compared it to a silent film. My approach was to manifest the emotion of the character on a everyday scenario - a slice of life moment.
Three years later, I was able to produce Love Express with people who believed in the project.  This was a micro-budget film.  The cast and crew didn’t get paid.  I couldn’t afford a subway film permit so we shot entirely guerrilla style during the hours from 1am to 5am.  The procedure took longer that expected given the circumstances of people’s schedule, pedestrians and the police.  After a few months we persevered and created a film that represented beauty, pain and a true Asian American voice.  It was a terrific accomplishment in my opinion, but still there was something missing for me.  The film needed proper post-production beyond my expertise and resources.  This is when my team and I decided to put together a Kickstarter page.  We are so grateful and amazed at the success of the crowdfunding campaign. 
Here are the film's details:
Tim Liu
Margaret Ying Drake
Patrick Chen, Xi Hao – writer, director, producer, cinematographer
Jerry Villanueva – assistant director
Janice Chung – camera assistant
Artem Kulakov – sound engineer
Mike Kelly – music composer
Wayne Change – casting director
Shannon Ko – script supervisor, Kickstarter editor
William Ng – key production assistant 

To support the film go to:

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