Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ego is a false self

In her Lifeclass, Oprah describes one of Eckhart Tolle’s core messages: the ego is a false sense of self. Any time you are out of alignment with your true consciousness, you are acting out of ego. When we go through difficult times, both on our own and as a community, we are sometimes at a loss as to what to do next. This is because your reliance on your ego has blocked you from living your best life. As Oprah suggests, the ability to build awareness about yourself is how you disconnect from your ego.

Eckhart Tolle teaches us that although adversity can cause challenges in our lives, it is also a gateway to awareness and spiritual growth. Through adversity, we can find a true sense of safety and security in which the externalities of life no longer affect our daily lives and make us unhappy. As Eckhart explains, every adversity gives you a chance to become more present and more fulfilled.