Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lightning GT Electric Sports Car

I read this article about a new electric sports car. Will it happen? Is it real?
Does it work?

New Lightning GT electric sports car promises 700bhp

By Quentin Willson,

British International Motor Show

This week's London Motor Show was a muted affair. Both mood and visitor numbers seemed low to me.

One of the busiest stands was in the green eco area where enthusiasts, who would once have been drooling over the Ferrari 599 Fiorino, were swapping mpg figures for the Mini Cooper Diesel and new Lotus Evora.

Most supercars seemed impossibly irrelevant, but there was one that made the most incredible promises.

If its maker's claims are true, the British-built carbon-fibre bodied Lightning GT isn't just a hugely desirable and sexy performance coupe, it could also hold the technology that will change the way we drive forever. With an electric motor at each wheel, the battery-powered Lightning is said to push out a massive 700bhp and can run for 200 miles on a 10-minute charge.

These Holy Grail numbers, which have yet to be independently tested, are due to the Lightning's revolutionary nano-titinate batteries that have a 12-year life expectancy, retain 85 per cent of their charge after 15,000 cycles and, unlike conventional hybrid batteries, are free from heavy metals, toxins and graphite.

And the Lightning lives up to its name. Sixty comes up in an unfeasible four seconds, but top speed will be limited to 130. It looks infinitely prettier than Tesla's much-vaunted electric Roadster, and comes with ABS, traction control, regenerative brakes and electric doors. You can even programme it to make the exhaust note of a throaty V6 or V8.

To be honest, it all sounds too good to be true, while the rumoured £120,000 price tag means we won't be seeing them in supermarket car parks any time soon. If the Lightning's incredible battery technology actually works, and can be produced at a lower price, the future of fast cars (or indeed any cars) might not be as grim as we all thought.

Engine: Hi-Pa Drive electric
Power: 700bhp
0-60: 4.0 secs
Max: 130mph (limited)
Price: £120,000
In A Word: Will this dream come true?

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